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NYC, parties

July 2007



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Jul. 15th, 2007

friendship, love, couples


OK SO Noah and I are getting an apartment together!!! Well this is a little early to say anything because I haven't yet gotten the approval from my dad, but I think it will be all good! It is called the Colt Gateway and it is in a gorgeous part of town, surrounded by schools and parks. Our apartment is a studio with a loft and the ceilings are like 20 ft high and there are 3 HUGEEEEE windows...probably about 15 feet high and we can see the Connecticut River from our apartment. Everything is brand new....and it is awesome!!! The apartment we want is on the 5th floor but on the 6th floor there is a studio apartment that they converted into an exercise room! It is sooo gorgeous! Plus it's not very expensive! We can move in as soon as the apartment is ready and once we have put a down payment to hold the apartment! I cant wait!!!!!! For Noahs birthday Im going to buy him this really cool black leather chair with a matching ottoman and it will go so well in our place!!!!!!! And the kitty and doggy are going to love it because its air conditioned!!!!

Jul. 10th, 2007

NYC, parties


I wish I could find a nice dark, cool, quiet cave that I could crawl in to. I would stay there for as long as I felt necessary. Noah, Nixon and kitty would visit me and they would bring me food and water and a new book to read every time they came. I would wake when the sun came up and sleep when the sun went down.

Jul. 7th, 2007


adult decisions

I don't like the fact that I have to make adult decisions. I guess I want to be an adult, like have a job and own a house, but not an adult in terms of dealing with things and confronting problems. I hate feeling like I have let someone down, but multiple people have told me that I need to do what is best for myself, so that is what I am going to do. And if that means losing a friend in the process, I guess I have to look out for number one anyways. I am sure that a few years down the road I will have completely forgotten about the whole situation. Connecticut brings me a bad vibe. The whole state. I just feel like there have been more negatives out of my time here than positives.

-meeting the love of my life (Noah)
-becoming friends with Mike and Bridget
-holding multiple jobs
-having some really memorable professors
-gaining independence by being far away from home

-being far from home
-befriending people that have completely turned on me
-cold weather
-rude people
-bad drivers
-none of my friends visiting

At least I only have one year left here. Then I'm southbound!
Noah comes back tomorrow!! Then our classes start on Monday (poop!) But at least that will mean we can both graduate in the spring!!!

Jun. 25th, 2007

amazing, beauty, stars, space, nebula

one day

one day everything will be good. it will all get better. right now- i hate school...it gives me anxiety. i just want to be living in the real world. even though everything gives me anxiety. i can't even think about paying bills. it freaks me out. oy vey

May. 29th, 2007

cats, kittens, nuzzles


This past weekend Noah and I went to NYC for a wedding. Well, he went for a wedding, but since I wasn't invited I only attended the rehearsal dinner and then during the wedding I babysat his 2 month old nephew. I got way too drunk at the rehearsal dinner and then also at the club afterwards and I ended up throwing up- I felt like an idiot. Oh well. Sunday I took it easy and during the day we went to FAO Schwartz with his two sisters and brother in law and had some authentic NY pizza. Then Noah went to the wedding, but about an hour after he left there was a knock at the door and it was him! Although it was an awesome surprise for me, it wasn't good for him because he had left the wedding because he felt really sick. So now he is down in the dumps and I feel so bad I wish I could cure him automatically. Now it is back to reality, meaning I have so much work to do. But it will get done because I am going to get A's in both of my classes. The best part about coming home was seeing the kitty and picking up Nixon from the kennel. We both missed the animals so much and since we couldn't talk about Nixon pretty much the whole weekend we were really excited to spend time with him. He will sleep with us tonight rather than in his crate. He was a good boy, so he deserves it./ I am going to make myself another cup of tea to go with these vanilla wafers and my research paper.


May. 16th, 2007

cats, kittens, nuzzles

goodbye again

So today I am going back home to Maryland until Sunday. It was good to see Noah last night, but now we have to be apart for another 4 days. But then once I get back we will have the whole summer together! I am excited for hiking, camping, beach trips, and other random adventures! 

May. 15th, 2007

NYC, parties

the day is done.

So the entire apartment is insanely clean. Noah is going to love it!!! I feel cleaner already! Kaitlin came over for a bit because we were both awake and bored. I studied some while she was here and she was keeping up with her real world casting profile. I think it would be awesome if she made it on the Real World, but she doesn't have nearly as many votes as the leading contenders so I don't know. But I am in full support of her! Now that Kait has left I let Nixon out of his crate and the cat came into the room and I will get into bed and enjoy the company of a big bed with my puppy and my kitty and hopefully fall fast asleep so I can see Noah tomorrow!!!!! =)

May. 14th, 2007

NYC, parties

spring has sprung

I am so close to being done cleaning!!! Then my work. I tried to clean the kitchen but I think I am going to give up on that.....the cat peed in the dishwasher and that was a week ago....I just did a load of dishes and when I took them out they all wreaked of cat piss. Great. So I don't think I am giong to tackle the kitchen. Back to the fun!
friendship, love, couples

oy vey

So as I said in my last post...Noah has been away since Friday. He went home to Georgia and last night he went up to his lake house which is amazingly gorgeous. Today he is spending the day wakeboarding with his best friend Mario and his girlfriend Ana. I am so jealous! I would love to be out on the boat enjoying the sun and the breeze and the serenity of the middle of nowhere. Last summer I spent a lot of time in Georgia at the lake house and it is probably my favorite place in the entire world. Noah was working early in the morning so I would sleep in and then wake up and read my book either on the dock or on the balcony. I hope I can go again this summer.  I want to meet all of Noah's friends from home. We have been together over a year and I haven't met his best friend. But he hasn't met mine either so I guess it's okay. But I think it's important that your significant other gets along with your friends because if it is at all serious they will all be spending time together. Okay back to work which I wasn't even doing in the first place. I need to get my shit together.
sunset, infinity

almost done...

Days of the week are weird. Like how it can be one day but it "feels" like a whole different day. Why is that? I think right now I don't feel like it's a Monday because classes are over and I went out last night, so I guess I could consider today my version of Sunday. I still have a lot of work to do, and as usual I am procrastinating. I hate procrastinating, but I always do it and it's a hard habit to break. I hope that when I have children I can try to teach them to get their work done early so that they don't have to be stressed and won't develop anxiety like I have. It is SO nice out and I would give anything to be outside except I need to use the computer for all my work and I don't have my laptop with me, so that doesn't work. I did take my dog (Nixon...he's a 2 year old pit bull) for a walk earlier but since Noah (my wonderful boyfriend...he'll be mentioned now and then) has been gone since Friday Nixon is being extremely protective of me and pretty much every person we pass on the sidewalk he has barked at. Today there was a little baby, probably 18 months old, who was walking towards him and was saying "woof" and Nixon just started barking his head off. Not okay.