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NYC, parties

July 2007

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This past weekend Noah and I went to NYC for a wedding. Well, he went for a wedding, but since I wasn't invited I only attended the rehearsal dinner and then during the wedding I babysat his 2 month old nephew. I got way too drunk at the rehearsal dinner and then also at the club afterwards and I ended up throwing up- I felt like an idiot. Oh well. Sunday I took it easy and during the day we went to FAO Schwartz with his two sisters and brother in law and had some authentic NY pizza. Then Noah went to the wedding, but about an hour after he left there was a knock at the door and it was him! Although it was an awesome surprise for me, it wasn't good for him because he had left the wedding because he felt really sick. So now he is down in the dumps and I feel so bad I wish I could cure him automatically. Now it is back to reality, meaning I have so much work to do. But it will get done because I am going to get A's in both of my classes. The best part about coming home was seeing the kitty and picking up Nixon from the kennel. We both missed the animals so much and since we couldn't talk about Nixon pretty much the whole weekend we were really excited to spend time with him. He will sleep with us tonight rather than in his crate. He was a good boy, so he deserves it./ I am going to make myself another cup of tea to go with these vanilla wafers and my research paper.